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Research shows that recruiting excellence is one of the core ways credit unions can directly impact their ability to drive financial health. Improved recruiting improves the quality of new hire, lowers the cost of recruitment and improves retention rates.

ColoradoCreditUnionJobs.com is here to reduce the cost and difficulty of recruiting for the credit unions of Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona.

Advertising your open position on ColoradoCreditUnionJobs.com is simple:

Current User? Log in with your user name and password by clicking on the "Admin" link in the footer at the bottom of the screen. Your job will automatically be posted to our site, and you will have the ability to instantly push it to many other free job boards. If you do not know your login, please contact us at support@employerpages.com

New User? We provide logins and the ability to post your current jobs to our job board FREE for all members of the Mountain West Credit Union Association. To get started, click on the "New Employer Login Request" button below and follow the simple on-screen instructions to request a login to our system. Once you have been approved, you will receive an email with your username and password and instructions on how to post your position.

Contact us for other pricing and bundled service options.

Other Recruiting Services

  • Job advertising discounts – the Mountain West Credit Union Association has developed relationships with local and national recruitment advertising companies that allow us to offer you lower prices on great candidate sources. Call us to see if we can save you money!
  • Advertising and screening – we can save you time and money by helping you create, refine and place an employment ad that will result in high candidate volume. Then we’ll do all the screening work to winnow them down to the best interviews. We can eliminate the hard work of filling hourly positions!
  • Sourcing and interviewing – need help with more in-depth first interviews for technical or supervisory positions? We can help you with tools and experience that find difference-makers for your organization. Inexpensive, experienced recruiting help!
  • Search – we have successfully conducted searches at the CXO and VP level in many credit unions at prices well below that of our competitors. Our systems ensure a flow of qualified applicants, and the interview and selection tools you need to interview and select the right person. Quit paying 25-30% for your search work!
  • Recruiting system development – our consultants can design or improve recruiting systems to improve candidate generation, reduce costs, streamline the hiring process, improve interview and selection skills or all of the above. Fix your turnover problems with better recruiting.

We can also help you build high-impact human resources systems in other core areas

  • Compensation and performance management
  • Training programs designed to shift the culture of your organization in core disciplines:
    • Service-focused cross-selling
    • Coaching for high-performance
    • Supervisory skills
    • High-quality service delivery
    • Effective Board-Executive relationships
  • HR tools for developing the workplace
    • Employee satisfaction surveys
    • Internal service standards surveys
    • Employee handbooks
    • HR Audits

Have a question? Contact us for more information or assistance with an HR issue: dsantangelo@mwcua.com

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